After years spent working with others through the fitness industry, I eventually made my way into the world of healing. This was in part due a shift that began with developing a regular yoga practice. Becoming a yoga teacher gave me so much more than what I had been looking for. Through the teacher training process, I (reluctantly) developed a meditation practice. As someone with a history of trauma, addiction, self harm and eating disorder (tall order, right?), being still and quiet with myself was something I had been running from for years. I had done various forms of therapy and recognized the familiar call to dig deeper...... again.

This time I asked for guidance. 

"How do I heal myself and help heal others?"

A sincere ask to the universe, asked many times through teary eyes.

*This is my greatest wish.*

Enter the healing practice of Breath Work. Breath Work holds the key to unlocking self love and connecting to true source. I am so grateful that my journey involves helping others find their own expression of healing. I am now sharing this powerful tool. I want everyone to benefit from this practice and am currently operating on a sliding scale for individual and group sessions. Contact me if you feel called to this work, but do not have funds. We will find a way for fair exchange.