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"The purpose of Breath Work is to quiet the mind, open the heart, and let spirit do the rest."



What is Breath Work? 

In using patterned breathing, we give the mind something to do and are allowed to enter a deeper meditative state. Breath Work draws old, trapped energy out of the body and creates space to draw in what is being sought. 

What happens in a session?

First, we will have time to connect and check in. Are there specific areas where you feel stuck or need help working with? What are you  seeking? After that, around 30 minutes of active breathing followed by 10 minutes to recharge. A private session will be around 90 minutes.

How to prepare.

 It's best not to eat a big meal right before a session. Save any food or snacks for afterwards. It is always helpful to be well hydrated before a session, as open mouthed breathing releases moisture.   For an online session you will need a space where you will be undisturbed, a yoga mat or flat surface to lay on and a blanket. Additional things some people like to have on hand are an eye pillow or stones to hold.

Benefits of the Work.

There are many benefits to this self healing practice. Here are some of the positive effects breath work can have....

1. Reduced stress, anxiety, grief, depression and anger.

2. Increased energy and immune function.

3. Increased self-love, awareness, presence, happiness, and joy.

4. Improved lung function.

5. Release trauma and fear stuck in the body.

6. Improved sleep.

7. Reduced pain.

8. Deepened meditative practice.

9. Enriched creativity.

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